Low & Medium Voltage Busducts

Most ideal for transformer to Switchgear connections.
Current ratings upto 5000 Amps.
Enclosure and Busbar Material as Per customers requirement
Enclosuer Protection upto IP 55
Space heaters with thermostat controls as per specification.
Filter Drain Plugs and silicagal breathers as required
Routine and Type Test as per relvent Indian standards.
Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning on a Turnkey Basis

Manufacturing Range of Cubicles

PT & SP cubicle
Neutral grounding cubicle
Terminal Boxes / Cubicle
Generator Auxiliary compartment

Special services

To undertake renovation and modification of busducts at project site to suit Generator Transformer

Isolated Phase Busducts

Medium and High Power Generating leads in power station for voltages 12 KV to 36 KV and currents upto   20,000 Amps.
Suitable in highly polluted or humid environments both for Indoor and Outdoor operations.
Designed to withstand high short circuit currents.
Natural cooled conductors and enclosures.
high conductivity AI Alloy conductors and enclosures.
Three or single insulator supporting system with Epoxy cast resin / procelain insulators.
Conductors / Enclosures compensators to eliminate problems of expansion forces.
Inspection and maintenance windows for cleaning and easy replacement of insulators.
Pressurised system for extreme environmental conditions.
Type testing as per IS / ANSI standards.
Execution on a Turnkey Basis.

Resolving the problem of transmitting electrical energy under optimum conditions of effeciency, safety and continuty of service is a major requirment.

The simple design of LT Busduct system has been fully tested in central power reserch institute laboratories and every step of design, engineering and manufacture is monitored by quality control procedures.

11KV TO 24KV
1000A TO 20,000A