Control Gears

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All HID Ballast of Reactor type as well as auto regulator type are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum luminous flux. These ballasts are of extremely low power consumption, compact ortho cyclically wound copper windings and minimal leakage field and therefore very low noise. The ballasts are available in open construction version as well as polyester resin filled version. The consistently high quality and reliability of these magnetic ballasts are guaranteed by the use of high grade materials together with manufacturing process certified to ISO-9001.

Reactor Ballasts

Suitable for use with Sodium and Metal Halide 70 / 150 / 250 / 400 / 600W Lamps and Mercury Vapour 80 / 125 / 250 / 400W Lamps.

Auto Regulator Ballasts

Suitable for use with 250W Mercury vapour 400W & 1000W Sodium Vapour / Metal Halide Lamps.

Electronic Ignitor

Suitable for use with HPSV / MH Lamps upto 1000W. All our ignitors feature Auto-stop function to prevent damage to the lamps once they start.

Control gear Box

Powder coated, Aluminium die cast control gear box suitable for use with 1 X 250W and 1 X 400W ballast with IP65 protection. Main application Non integral Flood Light / Industrial Luminaires.