Lighting Products

Low & Medium Voltage Products

Own lighting is an essential and vital part of our daily lives. Over and above the technical aspect, town lighting appeals to our aesthetic and emotional values.

Obviously, lighting needs to meet the basic requirements for public safety and comfort but it can also enhance towns and create the appropriate atmosphere for its night life.

The street furnishing manufactured by SPACEAGE / 3e Ravi bring night light to life whilst adding harmony to the architecture, structuring space and revealing the very essence of the town.

At Spaceage we are attentive to the opinions and decisions of town planner and developers. This means we link design and technology to innovate and create not only quality but also lasting products.

The range of urban light furnishing presented in this catalogue reveals our approach to town lightning. Whatever the surroundings, we are able to offer a variety of solutions for any project you may be considering.

HID Luminaires :

  • Industrial Lighting
  • Petrol Station Lighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Tunnel Lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Highmast Lighting
  • Expressway / Highway Lighting

Decorative Lighting Products :

  • Trinity
  • Tallon
  • Belliare
  • Montrose
  • Paris
  • Casablanca Bollard
  • Amandine Bollard
  • Azerbeizan

Fluorescent Luminiaires :

  • Commercial Mirror Optics Modular Luminaire
  • Recessed Mounted CFL Down Lighter
  • Recessed Mounted CFL Lowglare Down Lighter
  • Recessed Mounted Mirror Optic Luminaire
  • Surface Mounted Mirror Optic Luminaire
  • Industrial Corrosion Proof Luminaire
  • Industries Genral Purpose Rail
  • Industries Genral Purpose Rail with reflector
  • Commercial Luminaire
  • FTL Street Light